Daughter Of Cosmos

My daughter of darkness,
my cosmic dream, my all,
innocence, empty vessel,
inheritance of a void soul.

Your future may be bleak,
but I’ll give you my light,
your own path to seek,
in the end of the night.

Be the sun of the cold dawn,
or a supernova or a blackhole,
your destiny is not yet drawn,
just carry my burnt coal.

Be free, but not like me, more,
your guidance is in your hands,
ambitions of parents, are so sore,
not your pain to carry in the end.

My flower of darkness, my dahlia,
my daughter of cosmos, my little all,
I’ll be with you, always and forever,
you are the sunrise, I’m the nightfall.

Nikolay Tsvetinov (Meddle), 2023,
The Source